Saturday, 28 January 2012

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

We made a trip up to Birmingham yesterday to see the Craft Council's Lost in Lace exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. While not a massive lace fan, my partner is and I was pleasantly surprised that a few of the pieces in the exhibition I really loved. 

Nils Völker uses Tyvek to produce breathing sculptures:

Chiharu Shiota uses black thread to create grids in which she places objects which makes them inaccessible and distant:

And Kathleen Rogers uses Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Confocal Laser Microscopy (CLM) to map lace and produce a really interesting - almost sci-fi - film which an ambient soundtrack

Also in the gallery was the Tessa Sidey Bequest which is a series of around 30 prints given to the gallery by a former Curator of Prints and Drawings upon her death. The stand out pieces for me were an inkless etching by Josef Albers and a linocut by Anthony Davies - it's just a shame I didn't take better pictures.

The gallery is housed in a Georgian building and has a couple of spectacular rooms:

On leaving the museum, the city's library is opposite and there was a lovely piece of commissioned art wrapping around one side:

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