Saturday, 19 May 2012

I love Japan colouring book

I have blogged here before about a project I was involved in to produce a colouring book for children in Japan affected by the tsunami and its aftermath in 2011. Two thousand copies were produced with one thousand going to the children of Japan and one thousand being sold. The project involved twenty four artists from around the world all working in different mediums and the result was pretty awesome. More information can be found on their blog ( or on their Facebook page (

I have a five copies to sell and have put together a little package which I hope will add a little extra incentive for you to purchase one. All the proceeds from selling these packs go to cover the costs of producing the book and hopefully producing another run so more can be sent to Japan.

Each pack costs £12 and includes:

- Your copy of the book
- An exclusive print I have produced especially for this (see below)
- A pin badge featuring one of my designs

I can send this as a gift so if you know someone with kids with upcoming birthdays then I can wrap it and send it straight to them. 

If you're interested drop me an email at handprintedbydavid (at) or contact me via Facebook or Twitter and we'll take it from there.

Here is a selection of the artwork included in the book:

Here is the book itself:

And here is the print which could also be yours:

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Crosby, Ruthin and Prestatyn

We took a trip up north to visit my parents who live near Manchester as well as visiting a few art and craft places near there. We started out visiting the Antony Gormley installation 'Another Place' at Crosby beach. A series of his famous bronze sculptures based on his own body are situated across the beach stretching out to where the tide turns. Some of the sculptures are completely submerged by the tide and hence covered in barnacles and such. The foreboding weather coupled with Gormley's sculptures made for a good time.

The next day we made the trip across the border into north Wales to visit Ruthin Craft Centre where they are currently hosting a Japanese season. With exhibits ranging from textiles to ceramics to architecture there was loads of interesting stuff. The textiles by Reiko Sudo in the first gallery and a series of prints by Matthew Jones and Rhian Thomas really caught my eye. Simple, clean and beautiful. Will definitely be making the trip back for some of their upcoming exhibitions.

We drove the short distance to Prestatyn, a seaside resort which has definitely seen better times but still has a nice beach to walk on.