Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A mini-photo essay: wrapping paper, from conception to completion

As a way to get more inspiration, I spent a couple of days doing a two minute drawing exercise. I set myself a couple of basic rules (two minutes, each drawing unique and no more than two colours) and each hour I did a drawing. The picture above is some pages from my sketchbook.

From my sketchbook I drew the pattern out onto graph paper.

I used graphite paper to transfer the image from the graph paper to the lino block

The cut block.

Laid out materials: brown paper, rollers, lino block, ink, plastic thing for spreading out ink

Printing in progress

The finished sheet

Close up of the finished design


  1. Hey David, nice to see you again at Jim's leaving party. Was cool to check out your work, the lino printing is a nice technique, where do you actually get the blocks from?


  2. Hey Sam, was great to see you too.

    Most art shops sell it but it is pretty pricey by the sheet, luckily I got gifted a whole stack of them by someone. Next time I need to restock I am going to look for bulk suppliers. Not sure where to start though...